Week commencing 2.12.19

Hello to everyone! We have a new visitor in our classroom! Kinder the Elf first appeared on Monday. Today, he brought us our very own Kevin the Carrot. Kinder keeps an eye out for any children being kind to others, so he’ll be a very busy elf in our classroom!

We were very lucky to also have a human visitor. Many thanks to Mr Hickson who came in to help plan for our writing this week. Mr Hickson shared a story he has written and some funny rhymes. We also made up our own mystical creature called Purr-teeth. You can ask your child all about what a Purr-teeth is.

I have copied a link to the Christmas song we are learning to sing at the church this year. The words are also now in your child’s homework folder. If you can practise at home that would be a great help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3HJgCcSUqQ&disable_polymer=true

Finally our spelling words are focusing on the short a_e sound this week and are words are:

Tape, snake, bake, fade, hate, name.

Please feel free to leave us a comment!

Ms Mackay and P2/3

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