Spelling w/c 11th November

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be useful to share the spelling words we are focusing on in class each week. We play a fun game called ‘Spelling Sparkle’, which I am sure your children could teach you. Although it works best with a lot of people, it can still be a fun way to practise spelling with the family. In class, we also look at each word and see if we can grow them, i.e ‘fun’ can be grown to be ‘funny’ for example and we also look to see if we can shrink the words, i.e ‘call’ could be shrunk to ‘all’.

We will be looking at the short ‘u’ sound next week with the following words:

Sun, fun, chug, bud, shut, hunt

Welcome Back!

I hope you had a restful and/or fun October holidays! The children have settled back into school well this week and we look forward to a busy term ahead.

Red Profile Folders

Thank you to everyone who has sent the folders back and for the supportive comments on the End of Term Profile and the Key Assessment Task. Can I ask anyone with a folder at home to please return these on Monday 4th November. Thank you.


We will continue to have P.E on a Tuesday ( Mrs Woodhouse from the High School every second Tuesday) and Thursday. Can I gently remind everyone that all children need the following P.E kit: t-shirt, shorts, outdoor trainers, water bottle and a hair bobble for those with long hair. Many thanks for your support with this.


I am currently ensuring that all children are reading an appropriate book for their level and therefore you many notice changes in the books which go home over the next few weeks as I assess. Supporting reading at home is very beneficial for the children’s progress and please feel free to write a note to me in the ‘Reading Record’ if you wish. (Please tell your child if there is a note they need to give me so I can respond promptly). Thank you.

Finally, at the end of term I asked the children to give me feedback about our class by sharing what they thought was ‘tops’ or ‘pants’. The main impact of the feedback so far is that the children now have a set ‘home’ table and space to sit. We still move around for a lot of learning, but children now have consistent table partners and therefore can ensure their own table is organised and tidy. Here are a few examples of the feedback:


” I like the class jobs, chromebooks, lunch thing and choosing”

” I like that we have a pirate ship (toy)”

”I like the book corner”

”Ms. Mackay”

”I like making up stories”

”I like it now”


”I would like to have our own table”

”Take the creepy skeleton away”

”Do more Maths”

”I want a toy unicorn”

”I want more choosing”

”play on the Chrome Books more often”

Please catch me at home time or get in touch via the main office if there is anything you wish to discuss.

Ms. Mackay

Taking topic outdoors…

As the children loved making the models last week, we linked outdoor den building to our ‘Houses and Homes’ topic. The children were encouraged to think about what we NEED in a house, such as warmth and shelter, and we decided it was quite important to be able to go to the toilet as well!

It isn’t always easy making something with so people in each group. The children learnt many skills including to make sure everyone was included,which was our social goal.

We can work together. Team 1.
We can work together as well! Team 2.
Developing gross motor skills and strength.
Super teamwork and concentration.
We need good fine motor skills for the fiddly parts.

Creativity at its best…

Just a short note to let everyone know how successful our model making was yesterday. We were lucky enough to have some helpers from P7, who supported the use of tricky Sellotape and cutting windows and doors out of the boxes. The children were thoroughly engaged and designed some very inventive models indeed.

As this was a Key Assessment Task, photos of each model with children’s and teacher’s comments will be sent home on Monday. The models will also make their way home at the end of term. This lesson gave the children the opportunity to practice problem solving, share materials, be creative and consider the different types of homes we have learnt about in our Houses and Homes topic.

Finally, can I say a big thank you for all of those who sent in boxes etc.for us to use. I am glad to say we had plenty, and I am very grateful for your support.

Ms. Mackay


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