Our Stone Age cave adventure begins……

Here’s the beginning stages of our Stone Age Cave! We will be adding to this as we learn more about how people lived then. If you have any ideas you’d like to share, please get in touch.

I hope you are enjoying looking at the latest Key Assessment Task. The children did so well and can now all have a short conversation in French. I would be grateful if the tasks could be sent back to school by Tuesday 11th February. Thank you.

Spelling words next week (w/c 10th Feb) will focus on the long i sound again, but this time looking at alternative spellings. The words are: light, sight, high, kind, mind, find.

Finally, we’ve been working on Fractions this last week, understanding that a fraction must be an equal part of something and we have began to explore why they are written with a number over another number. These concepts could be supported at home, whilst preparing food, sharing out items and noticing other examples around your home or garden.

Please remember that you can share anything with me via the red books. Alternatively contact the school office.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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